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Opportunity Zone Update with HUD Secretary Ben Carson

Washington, D.C. | Air Date: July 9 | 12:30 PM EDT

Speakers and Panels

Ben Carson
Opening Remarks

Ben Carson

Secretary, Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Alfonso Costa Jr.

Alfonso Costa Jr.

Executive Vice President, Falcone Group

Scott Turner

Executive Director, White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council
Ja'Ron Smith

Ja'Ron Smith

Executive Director, Center for Advancing Opportunity, Former Deputy Assistant to President Trump
Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly

Congressman, State of Pennsylvania


  1. What strategies has HUD pursued to help renters deal with the economic challenges posed by the coronavirus?
  2. Some financial experts and housing advocates say Opportunity Zones are hurting more than helping. How is HUD addressing these concerns?
  3. How can HUD help to ensure that the funds are aiding operating businesses and community growth in Opportunity Zones, as opposed to just real estate?
  4. Could redesigning the program help give money to small businesses in the designated areas?
  5. What changes, or proposed changes, could be sent to the IRS in the near future?


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