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How To Make Data Center Projects Pencil Out

Washington DC | Air Date: September 22 | 12:30 PM EDT

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Michael Lahoud

Partner & COO, Stream Data Centers

Lahoud is responsible for the implementation of the company’s overall business strategies and go-to-market operations, including the expansion of Stream’s Hyperscale Solutions and...

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Webinar Summary

  1. Where is the most opportunity for new data center construction? What demand drivers create opportunities for new construction?
  2. What are tenants and end users demanding for new developments right now?
  3. As the digital surge continues, how have construction projects evolved as a result of the pandemic?
  4. How are end user control and monitoring demands being met for build-to-suit developments? What construction strategies have to evolve as a result?
  5. Is the cost to break ground and develop in current opportunities zones more or less challenging now that data centers are a utility?

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