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Greater D.C. Healthcare Update

Washington, D.C. | Air Date: November 12 | 12:30 PM EST

Speakers and Panels

Ruth Williams Brinkley

Ruth Williams Brinkley

Regional President, Kaiser Permanente


  1. Over 10 hospitals in the D.C. region are either building or renovating new facilities. What spurred this boom in projects?
  2. How have our region's healthcare facilities adapted to handle coronavirus cases, and how can our systems be better prepared for future emergencies?
  3. How can healthcare providers and developers work together to ensure healthcare is accessible for all residents of the D.C. metro area?
  4. What technologies are healthcare professionals using to help facilitate ease of use, work, treatment and accessibility?
  5. What design, behavioral and operational changes could have a long-lasting impact on the healthcare industry post-pandemic?


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