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The Midwest And Beyond: Cloud Evolution, Network Optimization & Infrastructure

Washington, D.C. | Air Date: July 16 | 3:30 PM EDT

Speakers and Panels

Timothy Doherty

Timothy Doherty

CEO, Digital Fortress
Adam Knobloch

Adam Knobloch

VP & Head of Data Centers, Bisnow


  1. What challenges and expansion strategies for data centers are unique to Chicago and the greater Midwest region? How do they compare to the national market?
  2. As the expansion of the cloud and demand continues, what actions are being taken to support this growth? Is Chicago truly the next edge location?
  3. What are the key demand-drivers for the Chicago and greater Midwest market today?
  4. Chicago is the third largest data center market in the U.S. and is still expanding. How is the Chicago infrastructure expected to develop moving forward?
  5. How is data being optimized during this surge?


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3:30 PM
4:15 PM
Midwest and Beyond: Cloud Evolution, Network Optimization & Infrastructure


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