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Data Center Simulations & Predictive Technology

Washington, D.C. | Air Date: March 31 | 2:30 PM EDT

Speakers and Panels

Ali Heydari

Ali Heydari

Distinguished Engineer, Nvidia
Bahgat Sammakia

Bahgat Sammakia

Distinguished Professor, VP, Research & Director, CHIRP, Binghamton University
Sherman Ikemoto

Sherman Ikemoto

Group Director, Cadence Design Systems
Adam Knobloch

Adam Knobloch

VP & Head of Data Centers, Bisnow

Why This Matters

What You'll Learn:

  • What role do predictive technologies play in driving data center efficiency strategies?
  • Which technologies are operators using to increase real-time facility performance? What does that mean for new and aging assets alike?
  • How is liquid cooling emerging as a leading cooling solution? Are there metrics to assess the value of new cooling strategies prior to deployment?
  • How are operators deciding which technologies will maximize operations during the design process? What does that mean for emerging technologies in the sector?


How You'll Do More Business: Learn how providers are leveraging new technologies and solutions to measure facility performance, predict with accuracy how to adjust operations for desired efficiency outcomes, what advantages simulations offer for the development process and how these solutions are leading to returns. 


Who You'll Meet: Directors of operations, providers, GC's, architects, VPs of engineering, VPs of design and construction, end users and owners.

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