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Data Center Expansions For Efficiency and Performance

Tue May 25, 2021

Coundown Until webinar

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Data Center Expansions For Efficiency and Performance

How Sustainable Power Solutions Are Changing Facilities

Tuesday May 25 2021 | 12:30 PM EDT

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Speakers and Panels

Mike Mattera

Mike Mattera

Director, Corporate Sustainability, Akamai Technologies
Rotimi Olumide

Rotimi Olumide

Healthcare & Life Sciences Transformation Leader, Microsoft
Jason Pfaff

Jason Pfaff

Regional VP, Operations, Iron Mountain Data Centers

Why This Matter

What You'll Learn:

  • What role do compliance and sustainability play in expansion strategies? Can design solutions be used to increase efficiency?
  • How are emerging markets offering advantages for cooling innovation? Which markets present the most potential?
  • Are there sustainable solutions that can increase performance and reduce wasted power? What are strategies like solar and waste heat distribution being used?
  • Which construction trends are allowing sustainable facilities to deploy in secondary markets with speed in mind?
  • How are end users benefiting from sustainable efforts in new facilities?


How You'll Do More Business: Learn how efficiency is driving expansion strategy, facility customization, end user influences of cooling solutions and the growth of secondary markets. 


Who You’ll Meet: end users, providers, owners, architects, contractors, developers, vice president of sustainability, direct of innovation, brokers, lawyers


Why You Should Attend: To learn about leading efficiency trends changing the sector, what leaders are doing to increase opportunity for cooling and what end users today are looking for in emerging industries as they migrate to the cloud.