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Data Center Development Innovation For The New Age Of Facilities

Tue Apr 20, 2021

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Data Center Development Innovation For The New Age Of Facilities

How Edge Data Center Solutions Are Evolving For New End User Needs

Tuesday April 20 2021 | 12:30 PM EDT

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Speakers and Panels

Rajesh Gopinath

Rajesh Gopinath

Product Leader, Bloom Energy
Pete Sacco

Pete Sacco

Founder & President, PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc.

What You'll Learn

What You'll Learn

  • Why do edge facilities require more customization? What does that mean for design strategy and delivery speeds?
  • Are virtually integrated edge facilities the future? What could that mean for construction and development in the sector?
  • How do on-prem facilities plan to evolve in both dense and secondary markets?
  • How are IT loads and management services being integrated into future solutions while keeping operations in mind?
  • How does the expansion of the cloud impact on-prem and edge facilities? What are end users doing to migrate successfully today?


How You'll Do More Business: Learn how end users and providers are determining cloud or on-prem strategies for new facilities coming online, how fully integrated edge developments have changed the need for on-prem solutions, who are changing their migration to the cloud and where the opportunities are for expansions.


Who You'll Meet: VP Design and Construction, director of operations, head of facilities, end users, GC's, architects, IT directors, engineers, providers and owners 


Why You Should Attend: Learn how edge facilities can providing an alternative solution to the cloud, what vertically integrated data centers look like and how end users are choosing their capacity plans.