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Data Center Asset Strategy and Operations

Thu Sep 24, 2020

Coundown Until webinar

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Data Center Asset Strategy and Operations

How To Maximize Sale Leasebacks Potential and Outsource Operations

Thursday September 24 2020 | 2:30 PM EDT

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Webinar Summary

  1. What are the advantages of outsourcing operations when a deal is done?
  2. How are owners and investors efficiently turning over newly acquired deals to operators?
  3. What do operators require to onboard new assets? How do requirements differ for occupied versus vacant assets?
  4. What are the cost advantages to having third-party operators?
  5. Are there challenges with customer demands in the event that upgrades and operational changes are requested?

Featured Presenters

Tyler Alexander

Principal, RedBird Capital Partners

Tyler Alexander is a Principal of RedBird Capital Partners, where he focuses on investment opportunities in the Communications sector. In his current role at RedBird, Tyler is act...

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Andy Green

VP, Global Infrastructure & IT Operations, PRGX USA

Andy Green serves as PRGX, Vice President of Global Infrastructure Support and Operations and leads the development and transformation of a global IT operation that manages SaaS so...

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John Regan

John Regan

CTO, Digital Infrastructure & Senior VP, Acquisitions, Landmark Dividend

John Hevey (Moderator)

VP, Operations, BCS Data Center Operations

John brings over 15 years of enterprise-level, mission-critical operations discipline to BCS. John has command and control of operations and in his role, enables the implementation...

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Why This Matters

Acquisitions are at an all-time high in the data center sector. However, not all owners and investors want to operate and manage facilities internally. On new deals, parties may want to decide which assets should be run by third-party operators, how to execute a sale-leaseback deal to transition to new opportunities and what outsourced operators can benefit owners long term.

Join Bisnow as John Regan, CTO at, Digital Infrastructure, at Landmark Dividend,

Michael Lee, director at GI Partners, Tyler Alexander, principal at RedBird Capital Partners, Andy Green, vice president, global infrastructure and IT operations at PRGX USA and John Hevey, vice president of business development at BCS Data Center Operations Solutions for an in-depth discussion on executing sale-leasebacks in this current climate and how owners find value and opportunity in outsourcing operations to find more profitability.