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South Florida Post-Pandemic Design Trends

South Florida | Air Date: July 9 | 1:30 PM EDT

Featured Presenters

Rishi Kapoor

CEO, Location Ventures

Rishi has spent the last 10 years focused on residential real estate, primarily in the luxury sector, with a strong background in sales and marketing, prior to focusing on sponsori...

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Jacqueline Gonzalez Touzet

Founding Principal, Touzet Studio

Jacqueline Gonzalez Touzet has a strong interest in tropical modernism, largely influenced by her Cuban heritage and love for modernist design in Cuba. Influenced by her Latin heri...

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Webinar Summary

  1. The open office was already under fire. Will the coronavirus be the last nail in the coffin? 
  2. What are temporary precautions and what are the lasting implications of this pandemic on how offices are laid out? 
  3. What proptech is already out there that can be repurposed to help buildings operate in a safe manner?
  4. Is work from home here to stay? Will we see renters looking for larger units or additional bedrooms to use as home offices? 
  5. What are the major changes that we'll see from this pandemic in how buildings themselves are designed? 

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