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The Intersection of Wellness & Workplace Design

Seattle | Air Date: May 27 | 3:30 PM PDT

Featured Presenters

Assal Yavari

Assal Yavari

Sr Director of Global Workplace, Okta

Mike Denney

Mike Denney

Chief Real Estate Officer, Swedish Health Services

Nyles Scott (Moderator)

Director of Workplace Consulting, OpenSquare

Nyles has been working in design solutions for nearly six years with clients from across the country. He began his career in San Francisco leading projects for a top commercial fur...

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Webinar Summary

  1. What are some immediate changes experts recommend landlords and tenants alike make, to maximize their space in a socially distant capacity?
  2. How do you employers plan to keep their employees healthy emotionally and behaviorally as they return to the office?
  3. What changes to furnishings and implementations of technology can be utilized to increase productivity and efficiency in a new socially distant world?
  4. What, if anything, can Seattleites learn from Asia and Europe as those markets and economies reopened and their citizens returned to work?
  5. New tenant demands (staggered shifts, more hours in the workday, advanced ventilation, additional cleaning, etc.) present challenges – how do owners and landlords plan to adhere to personal and city-wide energy and sustainability regulations?

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