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Seattle Architecture & Design

Seattle | Air Date: September 10 | 9:30 AM PDT

Featured Presenters

Margaret Montgomery

Principal, NBBJ

Margaret Montgomery is NBBJ’s global sustainable practice leader. She leads initiatives and projects with the goal of creating healthy places that reunite people with nature. Emplo...

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Michael Gray


Regional Director, SageGlass


Webinar Summary

  1. What are architecture clients asking for that is new, and what are firms responding with?
  2. Do industry leaders and design experts predict any large-scale changes to the market as Seattleites alter how they live, work and play?
  3. With access to outdoor space more critical than ever, what are some outside-the-box ideas designers are considering for current and future work?
  4. What impact has the pandemic had on plans for NHL Seattle and their major construction projects?
  5. As design changes come to Seattle, what steps can be taken to ensure equitable access to public outdoor spaces?

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