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Addressing Seattle's Housing Crunch

Wed Feb 17, 2021

Coundown Until webinar

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Addressing Seattle's Housing Crunch

Market Readiness, Tax Credits, Opportunity Zones & Development Strategy

Wednesday February 17 2021 | 9:30 AM PST

Why This Matters

What You'll Learn:

1. How have affordable housing needs changed in the PNW as resident and workforce changes continue?

2. What role do secondary suburban markets play in affordable housing solutions? Are the burbs the solutions that the urban core couldn’t provide?

3. Can affordable housing limitations and high construction costs be overcome with design strategy?

4. As funding continues to flow into Seattle affordable solutions, how are plans evolving with large scale developments in mind?

How You'll Do More Business:

You'll get an in-depth insight into Seattle affordable housing solutions, how developers are delivering housing despite construction costs and which neighborhoods are presenting the most opportunity for development in this current climate.

Who Attends:

Owners, developers, investors, government, contractors, lawyers, lenders, engineers, architects,