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Oakland State of the Market

San Francisco | Air Date: August 13 | 1:30 PM PDT

Featured Presenters

Alan Dones

Alan Dones


Alan E. Dones is a licensed contractor, a long-time entrepreneur, an outspoken advocate of equal opportunity in employment and contracting, and an accomplished musician/producer....

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Lauren Jennings

Lauren Jennings (Moderator)

President, CREW East Bay &, VP of Operations, DCG Strategies

Born and raised in Oakland, California, Lauren Jennings has always been passionate about supporting and creating the advancement and empowerment of women. Lauren currently serves a...

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Webinar Summary

  1. How do multifamily leasing and rent rates in Downtown Oakland compare to San Francisco?
  2. Are there concerns that Oakland is over supplied on either the office space or multifamily side?
  3. With shifting dynamics in the workplace and a public transit averse population, what impact will BART and transit-oriented-developments have on the future Oakland?
  4. What steps are developers taking to ensure they’re future projects put equity at the forefront while also supporting Oakland’s unique culture?
  5. Given the momentum gained over the last few years in Oakland, what factors have led to developers and investors feeling bullish about the city and market?

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