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Bay Area Healthcare & CRE

San Francisco | Air Date: July 16 | 1:30 PM PDT

Speakers and Panels

John Pollock

John Pollock

CEO, Meridian
Jeff Land

Jeff Land

System SVP, National Real Estate Services, CommonSpirit Health
Jake Rohe

Jake Rohe

Partner, PMB


  1. Are healthcare leaders rethinking the geographic placement of future healthcare systems, medical offices and hospital projects as a result of the coronavirus??
  2. With more Bay Area residents moving out to the suburbs, how are healthcare networks changing?
  3. With an abundance of tech and innovation, what unique advantages does the Bay Area offer healthcare leaders and hospital systems?
  4. How do hospital systems and healthcare leaders juggle the Bay Area’s increasingly diverse population and the unique needs of each generation of patients?
  5. What impact will the required seismic retrofitting upgrades have on existing and future healthcare buildings from a cost perspective and will hospitals be able to obtain the necessary materials?




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