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Bisnow's Women in CRE Leadership Series - Bay Area

Tue Dec 01, 2020

Coundown Until webinar

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Bisnow's Women in CRE Leadership Series - Bay Area

Luminary Women & Rising Stars In Northern California's Real Estate World

Tuesday December 1 2020 | 1:30 PM PST

Webinar Summary

  1. With the focus on the pandemic, how can we keep the conversation moving forward on gender equity in the CRE workplace? How can we make sure women don’t fall out of the ranks of the CRE workforce?
  2. What challenges has 2020 thrown the real estate industry, and especially women?
  3. What are the keys to successful mentorship? How can mentor relationships thrive when in-person meetings can't happen?
  4. Have companies prioritized women’s success during the pandemic? How are companies assisting women who are parenting while working from home?
  5. What do realistic steps look like to help drive diversity in the industry in both the short and long-term? What steps are you taking to prioritize DEI in your role?

Featured Presenters

Lauren Jennings

Lauren Jennings

VP Operations, DCG Strategies

Lauren Jennings joined DCG in 2014, and is responsible for the strategic implementation of daily business operations as the Vice President of Operations. Prior to joining DCG, L...

Caroline Chase (Moderator)

Partner, Allen Matkins

Caroline Guibert Chase practices real estate, development, and land use law, with an emphasis on representing real estate developers in the entitlement of residential, commercial,...

Elisse Douglass

VP Development, Signature Development Group

Elisse Douglass is passionate about finding innovative ways of using real estate to positively impact her local community of Oakland. As vice president of development at SDG, she f...


Why This Matters

Bisnow is proud to present our Women In Commercial Real Estate Leadership Series for San Francisco. We will hear from CRE luminaries and rising stars who are shaping the industry and setting benchmarks for those of us who look up to them. These women are selflessly and tirelessly pushing for equal access in the commercial real estate industry and beyond.

What difficulties have women in the industry faced in 2020 and how have they worked through them? How are women pushing their companies to work towards diversity?

At Bisnow’s Women In CRE Leadership series, San Francisco’s women of influence will share their experience and offer guidance to women in the industry, as well as share insight into bringing more success and equality to women.

Join us as we gather to listen to the women who are paving the path to success for their peers in commercial real estate.