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Philly Senior Housing Update

Thu Oct 29, 2020

Coundown Until webinar

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Philly Senior Housing Update

Keeping Residents Safe During These Uncertain Times

Thursday October 29 2020 | 10:30 AM EDT

Webinar Summary

  1. How have senior housing operators been keeping residents and staff safe?
  2. What restrictions and protocols do employees have to follow outside of work? 
  3. What has the senior housing sector learned from this pandemic that can be useful even when this health crisis is over? 
  4. A lot of developers were betting big on senior housing because of the growing aging population. Will we see that trend continue? 
  5. Are demands changing for what seniors want out of their housing? 

Featured Presenters

Leon Caldwell

Leon Caldwell

CEO, Ujima Developers

As many know I have used the last 20 years of my career as a scholar-activist engaging in social innovation, public health interventions, evaluation, youth development intervention...

Why This Matters

CRE investors were betting big on the senior housing industry thanks to the aging baby boomer generation. While we may see that trend continue, senior housing operators are focusing on keeping their residents safe as this virus poses the greatest risk to those 65+. What changes to everyday operations have been put in place to keep residents safe? Is there any new technology being utilized in these facilities? Have any design changes occurred that have helped to limit exposure to the virus? Hear from some of senior housing experts about the future of the industry.