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Philly Adaptive Reuse & Repositioning

Philadelphia | Air Date: November 24 | 9:30 AM EST

Featured Presenters

Craig Grossman

Craig Grossman

General Partner, Arts & Crafts Holdings

Craig has over fifteen years of experience in transformational "creative class" place-making and neighborhood revitalization. Craig spearheads the leadership, operations, managemen...

John Lister

John Lister

Founding Principal, JL Architects

John W. Lister, AIA is the founding principal of JL Architects, an award- winning Chester County-based architectural firm with support locations in major cities across the nation...

Dailey Tipton (Moderator)

Vice President, Evolution Energy Partners

Dailey Tipton has spent many years in senior positions of management where he is recognized for his expertise in energy and sustainability. He has a long history of growing compani...


Webinar Summary

  1. From a cost perspective, does it save money to use the 'bones' of a building instead of ground up construction? 
  2. What types of assets are typically best for repositioning? 
  3. How much does a building's structural material factor into the building to reposition a building? 
  4. What are the benefits of adapting older buildings vs. building new ones?
  5. Many older buildings also have older HVAC systems. How do these systems impact the adaptive reuse process?

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