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Women Leaders in Real Estate -- A Virtual Feature

New York | Air Date: August 25 | 9:30 AM EDT

Speakers and Panels

Angele Robinson-Gaylord

Angele Robinson-Gaylord

President - North America Real Estate Cluster, IKEA
Lisa Fischman

Lisa Fischman

Vice President and Loan Originator, Greystone
Belinda Schwartz

Belinda Schwartz

Partner; Chair, Real Estate Department, Herrick, Feinstein LLP


  1. How is the pandemic impacting your personal career growth plans, and how are you working to get back on track?
  2. How can female leaders set themselves apart in these unprecedented times?
  3. In commercial real estate, many have been furloughed or are experiencing pay cuts. How are unconscious bias and gender inequality impacting these decisions, if at all?
  4. The job market is tough and chances are it will get even more competitive, what advice can you give people searching for jobs in CRE at the moment?
  5. WFH has changed the way many live, work and balance childcare responsibilities between men and women. How can CRE use this moment to rethink corporate policy as it relates to maternity or paternity leave and flexible work schedules?


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