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The Return to the Office

Thu Feb 04, 2021

Coundown Until webinar

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The Return to the Office

Investing Into Social Capital

Thursday February 4 2021 | 1:30 PM EST

Webinar Summary

  1. How social bonds can boost office return
  2. Strategies to transform offices into ‘destinations’ that tenants want to travel for.
  3. Amenity, tech and service upgrade insights that will drive occupier engagement without breaking the bank.
  4. Long-term trends that will aid health and safety and physical well being in the office space.

Featured Presenters

Tracy Hawkins

Tracy Hawkins

VP Real Estate & Workplace and Remote Experience, Twitter

Tracy has been active in all aspects corporate real estate and facilities management for over 15 years – her skills encompass project management, design and construction, leasing &...

Laura Walsh

Laura Walsh

Senior Director, Global Real Estate & Workplace, Avid Technology


Why This Matters

While the vaccine is now in sight, the office market has several months until we hopefully see a widespread return. In a flexible future, the office will become an employer’s investment in building social capital: the relationships that define culture and the sense of community. How will businesses motivate their employees to come back? How will they bring back culture and what will it look like?

Tune in to our workplace webinar to understand the business ramifications that this transformative period will bring.

How You'll Do More Business: Get immediate insight into how changing occupier behavior is impacting the assets investors value the most and how you can adapt to a changing market

Who Attends: Owners, developers, tenants, brokers, architects, engineers and construction