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Brooklyn State of the Market

New York | Air Date: November 19 | 1:30 PM EST

Speakers and Panels

Carlo Scissura

Carlo Scissura

President & CEO, New York Building Congress
Tyrone Barnes

Tyrone Barnes

Senior Vice President, Investments, Lakevision Capital East
Mitch Korbey

Mitch Korbey

Partner, Herrick


  1. How long will Brooklyn remain a location full of promise and investment opportunities?
  2. What key qualities make Brooklyn neighborhoods attractive for residential tenants in this economic climate?
  3. What role do neighborhood demographics play in shaping big Brooklyn residential developments?
  4. What role does the migratory shift of tenants from Manhattan to outer boroughs play in how Brooklyn is faring?
  5. How are building owners and landlords looking to purchase rental properties to rent out and navigating the Brooklyn market?


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