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The Workplace Makeover: Approaches to Construction, Design and Communication For a Safety Focused Workforce

New York | Air Date: July 21 | 10:30 AM EDT

Speakers and Panels

Craig Deitelzweig

Craig Deitelzweig

President & CEO, Marx Realty

James Robinson

Principal & Director of Construction, OC Development


  1. What have been the pain points as well as successes so far of getting people back to the office?
  2. What does a nimble workspace mean now and in the future? Is the dense workplace dead?
  3. What physical changes are owners considering to help keep workers safe, and how is technology being used to help reconfigure and redesign office space?
  4. How are companies managing construction of projects that were underway? Did they make changes to what they initially wanted?
  5. How are culture, training and collaboration cultivated in a more fragmented workplace?


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