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NYC Affordable Housing Series: Flattening The Cost Curve

New York | Air Date: August 11 | 9:30 AM EDT

Featured Presenters

Alicia Glen

Alicia Glen

Founder & Managing Principal, MSquared

Alicia Glen is the Founder and Managing Principal of MSquared, a nationwide real estate development and investment platform creating the next generation of mixed-use, mixed-income...

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Margaret Anadu

Head of Urban Investment Group, Goldman Sachs

Margaret is head of the Urban Investment Group (UIG), a domestic, multi-asset class investing and lending business within the Merchant Banking Division (MBD) that provides equity a...

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Dailey Tipton (Moderator)

Vice President, Evolution Energy Partners

Dailey Tipton has spent many years in senior positions of management where he is recognized for his expertise in energy and sustainability. He has a long history of growing compani...

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Webinar Summary

  1. How are affordable housing developers getting complex deals done in today's environment where renters struggle to make payments?
  2. How are developers leveraging tax credits and other incentives?
  3. What are top factors driving up the cost of affordable housing development, and what are the best ways of bringing them down?
  4. What sort of programs should the local, state and federal governments pursue to help affordable housing builders, owners and tenants make ends meet?
  5. How can the industry support innovative methods of construction to lower development cost/unit?

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