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Capitalizing On Uncertainty: Investing In Distressed Debt & Assets

New York | Air Date: October 8 | 1:30 PM EDT

Featured Presenters

David Schechtman

David Schechtman

Senior Executive Managing Director, Meridian Capital

Mr. Schechtman joined Meridian Investment Sales in April 2015 as a Senior Managing Director, overseeing a team of originators, analysts and other professionals. Mr. Schechtman is w...


Webinar Summary

  1. How are 'turnaround' funds structured and what are the return expectations during these unprecedented times?
  2. Timing is crucial: when and where are investment opportunities likely to start arising?
  3. Will debt be available for higher-risk opportunities, say in hospitality and retail?
  4. Do muted predictions for economic growth make it harder to make value-add and opportunistic returns?
  5. What are strategies to navigate distressed debt markets?

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