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Beyond the Crisis: Rebuilding with Jeff Blau, Richard Mack and Simon Ziff

New York | Air Date: June 3 | 11:30 AM EDT

Featured Presenters

Jeff Blau

CEO, Related Companies

Jeff T. Blau is Chief Executive Officer and a partner of Related Companies. For the past 25+ years he has been responsible for directing and overseeing new developments worth over...

Richard Mack

Richard Mack

Co-Founder and CEO, Mack Real Estate Group

Mr. Mack is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of MREG. Before founding MREG in 2013, Mr. Mack was one of the founding principals of AREA Property Partners (founded in 1993...


Webinar Summary

  1. What trends are we seeing now that could have long-lasting changes on commercial real estate?
  2. What will reopening mean for each asset class? What tools are owners investing in now to ease the process?
  3. How are some of the biggest owners working with tenants who can’t pay rent and communicating the obligation to do so to those that can?
  4. How will major projects around the country like Hudson Yards bounce back, and what is their plan for reopening?
  5. Offense or Defense? Rescue capital and lending in today's environment

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