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The Human Factor: Buildings And Wellness In An Age Of Uncertainty

National | Air Date: November 18 | 11:30 AM EST

Speakers and Panels

Ann Marie Aguilar

Ann Marie Aguilar

Senior Vice President, EMEA, International WELL Building Institute


  1. What the people who use buildings really want from space in order to feel safe returning there
  2. How independent ratings methodology can reassure building users and provide a framework for building owners
  3. The flexible measures owners can put in place to make their building resilient for different eventualities
  4. The wellness needs of building users that transcend the current situation

Commercial real estate used to be about rent per square foot and desks per square feet. But from 2020 onwards, the owners of real estate will need to reassure the people that use buildings that they are safe and healthy places to go. If you can’t reassure people of that, they will stay at home, and your asset risks becoming obsolete. It is impossible to predict the exact health and wellness measures that will be required in future. But a deep focus on these topics will help building owners ensure their assets are resilient and attractive.

Join Bisnow for a webinar looking at how building owners can provide reassurance to the public, as the pandemic recedes and far beyond.


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