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Marketing for Dollars

Wed Oct 07, 2020

Coundown Until webinar

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Marketing for Dollars

How Employing Better Marketing Strategy and Technology Now Will Set The Industry Up For A Faster Post-Coronavirus Recovery

Wednesday October 7 2020 | 12:30 PM EDT

Webinar Summary

  1. How has perception shifted within CRE companies during the pandemic in terms of the role marketing plays in revenue generation?
  2. How can marketers and business leaders better track the results of marketing efforts and expenditures?
  3. What new strategies and technologies can marketers and business leaders utilize to better target prospective clients/customers?
  4. What new strategies and technologies should marketers and business leaders be evaluating to better promote their products, services, and/or messages?
  5. How are effective marketers capturing viable leads for their sales team, and funneling those leads for their salespeople?

Featured Presenters

John Marino

John Marino

President, Marino PR

The trajectory of John’s career since joining Marino in 2002 includes work as Chief Operating Officer, Managing Director, and then President. But these titles do not fully capture...

Full Profile
Gary Chance

Gary Chance

Chief Marketing Officer, Prescriptive Data

Miles Bloom

Miles Bloom (Moderator)

Vice President, Growth & Development, Bisnow

Why This Matters

Marketing, at its very core, encompasses the action (or business) of promoting or selling products or services. However, when it comes to marketing in the CRE industry, Marketing has historically been more commonly viewed as a cost-center used to promote "awareness" or "visibility" to the masses as a supplement to active sales activities.

But in our present environment, where our sales teams are largely working from home and unable to lean on their tried-and-true methods like networking, pitching, and closing in person, successful marketers and business leaders need to take advantage of the many stronger marketing strategies and technologies that have arisen over the last few years to keep business coming in while the industry recovers.

We've brought together a stellar lineup of progressive, innovative, and successful marketers and entrepreneurs who have built (or uncovered) new tactics and technologies to turn marketing into the sales engine it has always been meant to be. They'll be sharing some of the things they've created, executed, and observed to leverage strategic marketing into tangible results.