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How To Lease & Sell Buildings Through Smarter Marketing

Tue Apr 20, 2021

Coundown Until webinar

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How To Lease & Sell Buildings Through Smarter Marketing

Cultivate A Brand Persona, Create A Seamless User Journey, and Generate New Revenue Opportunities

Tuesday April 20 2021 | 4:30 PM EDT

Speakers and Panels

Whitney Arcaro

Whitney Arcaro

EVP, Head of Marketing and Retail Leasing, RXR Realty
Miles Bloom

Miles Bloom

Vice President, Growth & Development, Bisnow

Event Summary

What You'll Learn: 

  • How do you identify the key selling points for a given property?  Which selling points are you seeing prove most effective, and how do they differ from what worked best before the pandemic?
  • Once you've identified your key selling points, what is your process for developing a narrative around your property for potential buyers/tenants?
  • How do you identify the most viable potential targets to buy or lease space in your property?  How is this part of the process different than 12 months ago?
  • Once you've identified your potential target pool(s), how do you then determine the right channels for reaching those targets?
  • What sorts of promotional assets are you finding most effective in our current environment?  Are you advertising?  How about producing virtual property tours?
  • How do you evaluate whether a given sales or marketing endeavor is successful?  Put differently, how do you measure ROI?
  • Once you've identified a potential lead, what does your process look like for capturing, activating, nurturing, and ultimately converting them?


How You'll Do More Business: Learn how property marketers have shifted the way they think about promoting their properties since the pandemic started, how to communicate a compelling narrative around properties for potential buyers or tenants, the most efficient means of reaching their target audiences, what channels prove to be the most effective for property marketing, and how to gauge whether a marketing strategy has proven to be successful. 

Who You'll Meet: Heads of Marketing (VPs of Marketing, CMOs), Owners, Developers, Property Managers, Heads of Leasing, CRE Principals.