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Engaging, Managing and Hiring a Multi-Generational Workforce

Thu Aug 13, 2020

Coundown Until webinar

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Engaging, Managing and Hiring a Multi-Generational Workforce

How Companies Can Balance the Talent And Varying Work Demands Of Millennials and Gen-Z

Thursday August 13 2020 | 12:30 PM EDT

Webinar Summary

  1. How has technology helped create a more multi-generational workforce?
  2. How can companies work to attract millennials, the largest part of today's workforce?
  3. Will Gen-Z fundamentally redefine the workplace, even in a post-lockdown environment? If so, how?
  4. Will Gen-Z fundamentally redefine the workplace? If so, how?
  5. What management opportunities exist or can be created for Gen-X, in the office and from the work from home environment?

Featured Presenters

Stacey McKibbin

CEO, Consilio

Stacey McKibbin specializes in building, uniting, and leading high-performance teams. Guided by her down-to-earth honesty and a flare for fun, Stacey brings a sense of playfulness...

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Marc Torrey

Marc Torrey (Emcee)

Vice President, SelectLeaders

Why This Matters

Today's workforce is one of the most historically diverse — not just in terms of race and gender, but in age as well. From Baby Boomers to Gen-Z, companies find themselves in the unique position of needing to cater to multiple generations, each with their own expectations of the workplace, technological prowess and work/life balance. How can companies work to attract Millennials and Gen-Z employees, while not alienating their older employees? Join Korn Ferry's North American Sector Leader Oren Klaber and Consilio CEO Stacey McKibbin as we unpack how to engage and maintain, varying generations of employees and how technology, remote working and other factors have changed the ways leaders build company culture.