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Bisnow's Big Off-Site Construction Webinar

National | Air Date: August 4 | 1:30 PM PDT

Speakers and Panels

Rick Holliday

Rick Holliday

Co-founder & CEO, Factory OS
Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

President & CEO, UrbanCore Development


  1. How do economies of scale presently work in the off-site construction world?
  2. Be it the financiers or the fabricators - who holds most of the chips when it comes to the next wave of off-site construction projects and developments?
  3. As demand for off-site construction grows, will domestic fabricators be able to provide adequate supply?
  4. When do experts predict West Coast markets to accept high-rise volumetric modular construction?
  5. In addition to student housing and temporary housing for the homeless, what other uses for off-site construction exist in the CRE world?


Time Activity
1:30 PM
2:05 PM
Panel 1: A Bad Deal Is Always A Bad Deal: Why Modular Is Not The Solution Unless You Are “All In”
2:05 PM
2:40 PM
Panel 2: The Economics & Supply vs. Demand Of Off-Site Construction


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