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Twin Cities Deep Dive: Multifamily Update

Minneapolis | Air Date: September 30 | 2:30 PM CDT

Featured Presenters

Brent Webb

Brent Webb

Development Manager, Mortenson

As development manager, Brent is responsible for advancing and originating new development projects within a variety of markets and across all product types for Mortenson’s Minneap...

Chris Osmundson

Director of Development, Alatus

Chris joined Alatus in July of 2015. As Development Director (Director of Development?), Chris is responsible for leading the Alatus commercial and multi-family real estate deve...

Josh Brandsted

Josh Brandsted

President, Greco Properties

Jacob Steen

Jacob Steen (Moderator)

Attorney, Larkin Hoffman

Jacob W. Steen advises and represents businesses, developers, and property owners seeking favorable government approvals including liquor licensing, business licensing, zoning, env...

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Webinar Summary

  1. If congress Doesn't pass a new stimulus, what impact will that have on the multifamily market?
  2. How have owners handled property management throughout this pandemic? 
  3. How are landlords balancing the desire to stay leased up with their negative feelings regarding concessions?
  4. If work from home becomes a long-term trend, will we see demand for apartments shift from urban centers to neighborhoods that offer larger units at a cheaper price? 
  5. What changes to the built environment and the design process are expected with the next iteration of projects?

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