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Raising Equity & Closing Deals

Tue Apr 20, 2021

Coundown Until webinar

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Raising Equity & Closing Deals

The Pandemic's Impact on Raising Capital in Today's Market

Tuesday April 20 2021 | 11:30 AM PDT

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Speakers and Panels

Kenneth Lombard

Kenneth Lombard

Executive Vice President & COO, Seritage Growth Properties
Vicky Schiff

Vicky Schiff

Founder, Managing Partner, & COO, Mosaic Real Estate Investors
Devin Elder

Devin Elder

Principal, DJE Texas Management Group

Why This Matters

What You'll Learn:

  • How are GPs and LPs working together toward their mutual goals of raising capital?
  • How are GPs leveraging technology to find capital and deals?
  • How are GPs and LPs communicating with a geographically diverse group of investors in an environment that does not allow for wining and dining?
  • When do industry experts predict the debt markets will loosen up?


How You'll Do More Business: Learn how to make smarter business decisions by hearing from industry experts on how lenders and investors are reacting to current market conditions, as well as their future investment plans. Together with our all-star lineup, we’ll analyze what GP and LP activity has looked like the past year and the importance of technology on raising capital, sourcing deals and communicating with investors. 


Who Attends: Brokers, owners, developers, investors, construction, designers, architects, financial institutions, government officials and more.


Why You Should Attend: Bisnow events bring together the biggest power players in the industry to identify opportunities, build your network and expand your business. With the largest audience of commercial real estate professionals in the world, no one knows how to help your business more than us. Join Bisnow as we jump into the industry to analyze its strengths and strategize on its areas of opportunity.


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