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Making Multi-Use Work

Tue Dec 08, 2020

Coundown Until webinar

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Making Multi-Use Work

Why The Future Is Flexible

Tuesday December 8 2020 | 10:00 AM GMT

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Webinar Summary

  1. How different types of real estate usage will become interlinked
  2. The practicalities necessary to repurpose existing single-use assets and make them mixed-use and flexible
  3. Where real estate demand will be located in the future
  4. How hospitality assets can reinvent themselves to capture new demand that will arise
  5. How and why sectors, like multifamily, have adopted characteristics historically only found in hospitality

Featured Presenters

Yolande Barnes

Chair, UCL Bartlett Real Estate Institute

Professor Yolande Barnes is the chair of the UCL Bartlett Real Estate Institute and has been examining and analysing real estate markets since 1986. Her current role includes re-th...

Nectar Efkarpidis

Nectar Efkarpidis

Director, Molonglo

Nectar Efkarpidis is a director of Molonglo. Molonglo is a property developer with offices and projects in Canberra, Melbourne, London and Athens. Molonglo is responsible for conc...


Why This Matters

The pandemic has hammered home something that was already becoming clear: single-use districts and buildings are becoming increasingly obsolete. The lines between home, offices and socialising have never been more blurred, and the property sector of the future will need to reflect this. Buildings and developments that seamlessly blend living space, workspace and hospitality and challenging to conceive, but will be the valuable real estate of the future, reflecting as they will the way people want to live.

Join Bisnow for a webinar examining how to execute the strategy of creating truly flexible and mixed-use assets.