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Landlord & Tenant Engagement

Wed May 26, 2021

Coundown Until webinar

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Landlord & Tenant Engagement

Harnessing The Bounceback And Building For The Future

Wednesday May 26 2021 | 1:30 PM BST

Speakers and Panels

Julia Wilkinson

Julia Wilkinson

Restaurant Director, Shaftesbury

Why This Matters

What You'll Learn: 

  1. A year after the pandemic started, what is the reality of how landlords and tenants are restructuring leases to work profitably together? 
  2. The financial impact of flexible lease structures, and what this means for valuation of an asset. 
  3. How dialogue can remain productive between landlords and tenants when the eviction moratorium ends.
  4. The tenant investment initiatives being implemented by landlords. 
  5. The data and insights needed for these strategies to be successful — what is actually useful, and what is just tech mumbo jumbo?


How You'll Do More Business: The post-Covid recovery of the UK economy depends on how relations between landlords and tenants play out over the coming months. As the country opens up, the two sides have the chance to work together and harness an expected bounceback in pent up consumer spending — collaboration means both sides can profit and recover some of the lost income of the past 12 months, and you’ll find ideas on how to do that here.


But this isn’t just about the now. New lease structures that reflect the way consumers work, shop and eat; the utilisation of data to uncover how people use space; greater sharing of information between the two sides — all of these things can help to build a resilient, healthy and profitable urban real estate sector for the future.


Who Attends: Investors, owners, developers, tenants, agents and advisors. 

Why You Should Attend: Bisnow events bring together the biggest power players in the industry to identify opportunities, build your network, and expand your business. With the largest audience of commercial real estate professionals in the world, no one knows how to help your business more than us.