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It’s Time To Start Failing Forward On Diversity: In Conversation With Tristan Capital’s Ric Lewis

London | Air Date: September 24 | 1:30 PM BST

Featured Presenters

Ric Lewis

Ric Lewis

Co-Chief Executive & Chairman, Tristan Capital Partners

Regarded as one of the most creative and consummate professionals in the international real estate management industry, Ric is Tristan's Senior Portfolio Manager, responsible for t...

Anastasia Klein

Anastasia Klein (Moderator)

Partner, Maples Teesdale ​​

Anastasia is a partner in Maples Teesdale’s commercial real estate team and is Head of Retail at our firm. In this role, Anastasia leads our retail sector team, which is committed...


Webinar Summary

  1. Why diversity will matter more tomorrow than it does today
  2. Achieving diversity is not easy, so where to start
  3. Why companies need to commit for the long haul
  4. Why the companies that get this right will be tomorrow’s winners
  5. Where one of the savviest investors in real estate sees opportunities in today’s market

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