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UK Life Science Expansion: Building for The Next Generation

London | Air Date: December 1 | 1:30 PM GMT

Speakers and Panels

Matthew Powers

CEO, Nan Fung Life Sciences Real Estate
Anna Strongman

Anna Strongman

CEO, Oxford University Development


  1. Where is life science going beyond the golden triangle and are there any trends emerging outside the 'traditional idea' of a science campus?
  2. Are advances in technology going to affect the physical space and locational requirements in the sector?
  3. Should developers consider different requirements in the built environment resulting from the evolving needs of life science tenants in the current climate? What do these changes look like?
  4. How has investment in the development of science buildings changed over the years and what impact is that having on the product being provided?
  5. What can we learn from overseas in the expansion of a city or a country’s life science footprint?

Knowledge clusters change the world. It is the ability to share knowledge between talented people that has driven the development of human society, in science more than anywhere else. And real estate today can enable this process, and benefit from it. As density increases in areas around Cambridge and Oxford, demand will turn to new emerging areas. And with advances in technology and the new climate we find ourselves in, the needs of tenants are changing. The success of future developments will not only depend on the quality, type and location of the facilities but how they generate a sustainable environment for work, collaboration, life and leisure.

Please join us for our UK Life Science Expansion discussion and meet the creative stakeholders who are driving the growth and finding opportunities for investment to enable the next generation to flourish within this evolving sector. We will bring together the visionaries pioneering new markets, and setting the template for others to follow.


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