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The State of Houston Flood & Stormwater

Houston | Air Date: July 30 | 12:30 PM CDT

Featured Presenters

Russell Poppe

Russell Poppe

Executive Director, Harris County Flood Control District

Russell “Russ” Poppe, P.E., is the Executive Director for the Harris County Flood Control District in Houston, Texas. Under his direction, the District carries out its mission to...

Carol Ellinger Haddock

Carol Ellinger Haddock

Director, Houston Public Works

Carol Ellinger Haddock is Director of Houston Public Works, the largest American Public Works Association accredited agency in the nation. Carol leads almost 4,000 employees in t...

Charlie Penland

Charlie Penland (Moderator)

Senior Principal & Director of Civil Engineering, Walter P Moore

Having been an engineer at Walter P Moore since 1980, Charlie is widely recognized for his contributions to the profession and his advancements in research and education related t...


Webinar Summary

  1. As storms become more frequent and more powerful, Houston has adopted much more stringent flood planning requirements. How has building design and construction changed in response?
  2. What are the biggest challenges in designing flood mitigation features on a property? How does it differ between new developments and updating existing developments?
  3. Other than the new flood regulations, what actionable strategies are being taken to prevent future flood destruction?
  4. What impact do the new flood regulations have on development going forward?
  5. Are CRE developers in Houston doing enough to protect the effects of heavier rainfall? And are they doing it quickly enough to prevent a catastrophe?

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