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Suburban Boom Post Pandemic

Houston | Air Date: June 9 | 4:30 PM CDT

Featured Presenters

Lindsay Ornstein

Lindsay Ornstein

Partner, Transwestern

Lindsay is a co-founder and leader of the Transwestern New York office. She also co-leads its Nonprofit Advisory Group and directs branding services within Transwestern Consultin...

Arnold Levin

Director, Gensler

Arnold Levin is Director of Strategy for the Southwest Region at Gensler where he seeks to combine his experience in design strategy and organizational design to help clients solve...

Mark Stratz

Mark Stratz (Moderator)

Managing Director & City Leader, Transwestern

Mark serves as senior vice president and city leader for Transwestern Phoenix and is responsible for growing operations, elevating client services, attracting new talent and creati...


Webinar Summary

  1. Which markets will see the most suburban acquisitions post coronavirus?
  2. What advantages does a suburban environment offer over a populated dense area?
  3. Will there be a movement to relocate offices to the suburbs? How will tenants’ behavior and habits change when returning to office?
  4. What national trends are you seeing from an architecture and design perspective?
  5. How is the coronavirus impacting debt markets? With less traditional sources of capital, how are investors configuring future plans and goals?

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