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Houston Retail Outlook

Tue Jun 02, 2020

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Houston Retail Outlook


Tuesday June 2 2020 | 4:30 PM CDT

Webinar Summary

  1. How will capital stacks shift on deals that are written during the rest of the year?
  2. What retail and hospitality models can thrive during and after the coronavirus crisis?Which do you think will be facing too many headwinds to move forward?
  3. How has the market disruption impacted lenders and capital providers and their willingness to invest and lend?
  4. Retail was already facing a challenge from e-commerce prior to the shutdowns. How can retail continue to adapt?
  5. Let's talk about refinancing. What is the prospect right now of securing financing on a retail asset?

Featured Presenters

Ed James

Managing Partner, Streetwise

Ed James is a founder and Managing Partner and Broker for Streetwise. He is widely recognized as one most influential brokers in the Houston-area market with more than 30 years of...

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John Moody, Jr.

Manager, Moody Law Group

John S. Moody, Jr., is the manager and founder of Moody Law Group PLLC in Houston, Texas. John is board-certified in Commercial Real Estate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Speciali...

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Kim Schell

Houston Market Manager, Bisnow Media


Why This Matters

Retail has been one of the biggest casualties of the pandemic. Even with stay at home orders loosening, shops, restaurants and hotels are having to make the tough decision about whether to  reopen with reduced capacity or wait it out and keep employees furloughed. How are retailers navigating these unprecedented challenges, and how are retail owners working with them? What will the retail industry look like post-pandemic? 


Join us as we chat with Streetwise managing partner Ed James, Fidelis Realty Partners Vice President  R. Carson Wilson IV and Moody Law Group CEO John Moody to get their take on how retail brands can weather the storm and plan for the future.