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Commercial Real Estate Valuation in the Coronavirus Environment

Cincinnati | Air Date: September 22 | 11:30 AM EDT

Featured Presenters

John Rickert

John Rickert

Principal & Founder, Lee & Associates

John’s diverse real estate background includes extensive property management experience with central business district class A office high rise, industrial, office/flex, retail, su...

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Stacey Berger

EVP, Midland Loan Services

Stacey Berger is the Executive Vice President of Midland Loan Services, a PNC Real Estate Business. Stacey is responsible for Midland’s Commercial Real Estate loan servicing and as...

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Brian Olasov

Brian Olasov

Executive Director, Carlton Fields

Brian Olasov has more than three decades of strategic business and capital market experience and also an extensive background on real estate capital markets, troubled mortgage loan...

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Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith (EMCEE)

Business Manager, SoCal, Bisnow Media

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Webinar Summary

  1. How are properties currently being valued and how are future incomes being factored in?
  2. Is this pandemic going to cause a major shift in commercial real estate values or will we see things return to normal once we have a vaccine? 
  3. How should borrowers communicate with their lenders that they need relief or forbearance?
  4. Most would agree that office, retail and hospitality are going through the most change at the moment. Which of these will recover the fastest and which will never look the same? 
  5. Could Cincinnati benefit in a post-pandemic world if people leave some of the major cities for more space and quality of life? 

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