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Racial Equality: Diversity & Mentorship In CRE

Chicago | Air Date: July 21 | 12:30 PM CDT

Speakers and Panels

Graham Grady

Graham Grady

Partner, Taft, Founder, Chicago Emerging Minority Developers Initiative (CEMDI)
Damona Strautmanis

Damona Strautmanis

VP, Project and Development Services, JLL

Nosa Ehimwenman

President & CEO, Bowa Construction


  1. What are realistic diversity goals for CRE companies?
  2. With most companies on a hiring freeze, how can the industry start to make a change today? 
  3. What are some of the reasons the CRE industry lags behind others in diversity at the C-suite level? What can be done to change this?
  4. How can mentorship relationships thrive during a time when in-person meetings can't happen? 
  5. How can CRE lower some of the barriers to entry to allow for a more diverse workforce? 


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