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Chicago Deep Dish: Suburbs

Chicago | Air Date: June 2 | 12:30 PM CDT

Featured Presenters

Adam Firsel

Adam Firsel

Managing Principal, Core Acquisitions

Adam Firsel is the founder and managing principal of Core Acquisitions. Adam started Core with the intention of creating a full service and fully integrated commercial real estate...

Ralph Zucker

President, Somerset Development

Ralph Zucker is President of Somerset Development, one of country’s foremost pioneers of New Urbanism and Traditional Neighborhood Design development. Throughout his career, Zucker...

Richard Tucker

CEO, Tucker Development

Richard H. Tucker, CEO, formed Tucker Development (Tucker) in March, 1996. The focus of Tucker is the investment, development and redevelopment of shopping centers and mixed-use pr...

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Webinar Summary

  1. Will this pandemic lead to a "flight" to the suburbs?
  2. Will suburban offices spaces see a jolt of new business and construction?
  3. Do millenials want the same homes they grew up in or are they looking for a suburban work-life-play environment?
  4. Which towns are best suited for a wave of new residents?
  5. How will other asset classes, like suburban retail and multifamily, stand to benefit from a suburban resurgence?

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