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Chicago Deep Dish: Parenting In The Age Of The Coronavirus

Chicago | Air Date: October 22 | 10:30 AM CDT

Featured Presenters

Mark Rose

Mark Rose

Chairman and CEO, Avison Young

Mark E. Rose is Chief Executive Officer of Avison Young and Chair of the Board of Directors of Avison Young (Canada) Inc. He manages all strategic, financial and operational activi...

Karin Kraai

Karin Kraai

Founder, Kraai Advisors


Webinar Summary

  1. How have companies worked with their employees to help ease the burden of working and being a parent/teacher? 
  2. Some companies have started asking employees to return to the office. Are they making exceptions for employees with kids? 
  3. Articles are already being written about women quitting their jobs in order to help homeschool their kids. How can CRE executives work to make sure that employees feel they have the support to be both an employee and parent? 
  4. This pandemic has allowed parents to spend more time with their kids than ever before. What impact will this pandemic have on work life and family balance?
  5. How can companies ensure that employees who may not be available during usual hours don't lose out on opportunities? 

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