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Chicago Deep Dish: Capital Markets & Future Opportunities

Thu Oct 29, 2020

Coundown Until webinar

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Chicago Deep Dish: Capital Markets & Future Opportunities

Deal Structure, Capital Sources & Investment Opportunity

Thursday October 29 2020 | 10:30 AM CDT

Webinar Summary

  1. Are institutions opening back up for lending? If so, are they demanding developers to put down more of their own capital before they give out a loan?
  2. Are there investment opportunities that will arise from this pandemic? If so, what are they?
  3. What creative methods are developers using to finance projects right now?
  4. Will secondary markets like Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis see a spike in interest as people look to de-densify?
  5. How are properties being valued and how difficult is to predict future cash flow of a building?

Featured Presenters

Collete English Dixon

Collete English Dixon

Executive Director, Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate, Roosevelt University

Collete English Dixon has more than 30 years in investment management with a focus on commercial real estate investing. Prior to her current role at Roosevelt University, she was...

Jerry Lumpkins

Chicago Commercial Real Estate Lead, Bank Leumi

My Team provides balance sheet lending and banking services for commercial real estate owners and investors throughout Chicago and the Midwest. Loan sizes from $5mm to $30mm. Produ...

Why This Matters

The U.S. has had plenty of economic downturns in its history, but the coronavirus is unlike anything we've dealt with in the past. With no road map to follow and no timetable on how long it will last, how can properties be correctly valued? How can institutions feel comfortable giving out capital in such an unknown climate? It's not all negative, as there is always opportunity. Chicago is home to multiple mega-developments that will help attract companies and top talent back to the city. Hear from the leaders of CRE about how to keep your business going during these uncertain times.