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Women In Construction & Design

Boston | Air Date: November 24 | 11:30 AM EST

Speakers and Panels

Gretchen McGill

Gretchen McGill

Vice President, Construction, The Davis Companies
Amy Marks

Amy Marks

Industry Innovator, Leader, Advocate, Autodesk Construction Cloud


  1. How has the pandemic impacted organizational development in the design and construction industry? Are there strategies in place to overcome recent challenges?
  2. How are women in leadership roles creating opportunities for others?
  3. How can women approach careers in the design and construction industry in a way that will set them apart?
  4. Has the pandemic made it more difficult for companies to focus on diversity and inclusion initiatives? Is this apparent in projects currently underway in the field?
  5. As we navigate a dramatically different professional landscape, how can professionals looking for roles present themselves in a manner to show value to teams now? What skills in design and development are most relevant today?


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