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New England Construction and Design Efficiency

Boston | Air Date: July 23 | 4:30 PM EDT

Speakers and Panels

John Klein

John Klein

CEO, Generate
Chris Bushnell

Chris Bushnell

VP, Northeast, Bisnow


  1. Construction ethics are being explored to maximize energy efficiency. What are these methods and how are they being used to create new developments?
  2. How can cross laminated timber be used to help create more sustainable developments? How are designers innovating?
  3. Carbon advancements have been largely driven by technology. How are designers and contractors utilizing new technology to create more sustainable solutions?
  4. How can investment potential and cost-savings be determined prior to breaking ground on a sustainable development project? What is the comparable value?
  5. Net-zero energy building by 2030 is an initiative that has been widely supported by the industry, but how do we get there and what resources are available to accomplish it?


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