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Southeast Data Center State Of The Market

Atlanta | Air Date: October 6 | 12:30 PM EDT

Featured Presenters

Marissa Jules

Director, Architecture & Infrastructure, Georgia Institute of Technology

Marissa is the Director Architecture & Infrastructure at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In her role she oversees the Institute’s primary data centers in addition to the IT op...

Lloyd Proctor Jr.

Lloyd Proctor Jr. (Moderator)

Producer, Bisnow Media


Webinar Summary

  1. Cloud demand and activity has skyrocketed during and throughout the digital surge. Which industries have shown the most activity?
  2. What capacity changes have data center operators made to meet growing customer demands prior to and as a result of the pandemic?
  3. How have ground up and value-add development plans changed to support end user demands?
  4. How have operator services like remote hands and AI had to adjust?
  5. How are local officials working to support the data center industry and its power needs?

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