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Diversity & Inclusion Series: Atlanta Roundtable

Atlanta | Air Date: August 6 | 4:30 PM EDT

Featured Presenters

Cedric Matheny

Cedric Matheny

Principal, VP, T Dallas Smith

Cedric creates, coordinates and implements strategies for locating suitable sites based on the clients’ needs and objectives. He is in charge of analyzing and negotiating all terms...

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Jodi Borges-Bradley

President, CREW Atlanta, Managing Director, IA Interior Architects

As Managing Director of the IA Atlanta office, Jodi is focused on the overall client experience ensuring that the appropriate resources and team are aligned for creativity, innovat...

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Rod Mullice

Rod Mullice

Managing Partner, Windsor Stevens

Windsor Stevens Managing Partner Rod Mullice is an experienced developer who believes deeply in the crucial role the built environment plays in creating healthy communities. His vi...

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Keith Mack

Director, Development, Regent Partners

Mr. Mack joined the firm in 2006 and currently is a Director of Development Services, responsible for managing and completing real estate development projects for the company. He s...

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Webinar Summary

  1. What do realistic steps look like to help drive diversity in the industry in both the short and long-term?
  2. How can companies be held accountable to continue diversity initiatives?
  3. With commercial real estate still not where it needs to be in terms of diversity, how can firms and hiring managers work to ensure diverse hiring and retention?
  4. How are companies working to keep company culture and morale alive remotely?
  5. How are different sectors within CRE - owners/developers, brokerages, design firms - working to make their environments more inclusive?

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