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Monument Realty founder Michael Darby and his wife, Ashley Darby, at the 2015 opening of their Clarendon restaurant

We went to Clarendon Blvd in Arlington for a grand opening party for the new restaurant started by Monument Realty's Michael Darby and his wife, Ashley. The theme—what else? Australian. Michael told us that OZ has food from Down Under like lamb, prawns, and even grilled kangaroo, as well as Aussie beer, wine and cocktails, like a Bloody Mary with a vegemite rim. 

Cushman & Wakefield's Eric Berkman and Kaleigh Jones with Monument Realty's Doug Olson at a 2015 event

Cushman's Eric Berkman and Kaleigh Jones are with Monument's Doug Olson. The ceiling lights in one room are in the shape of constellations like the Southern Cross.


CBRE's Scott Frankel and Manny Fitzgerald surround Manny's wife, psychologist Carolyn Ratner Fitzgerald; right, Mike McKillips. Overhead is a blue sky because it's always perfect weather in Australia.


In addition to Aboriginal art, there's an Australian musical instrument, a didgeridoo, with holes to put shot glasses for a drinking game. Cheers, mate!

Travis Holler, Alfredo Flores & Merjan Bubernack contributed to this issue.