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Two months before Cvent went public in 2013, Larry Samuelson joined the company as its first-ever General Counsel. The IPO was a success, raising $135M, with shares quickly jumping from $21 to $28—Larry calls it the beginning of Act Two for the company. He tells us that it was an amazing experience to stand on the balcony of the NYSE and watch their stock. As the next part of the roadmap, Cvent acquired three companies last year, and it has 300 technologists working to build out features in its event management and planning software. It has 14,000 clients and $142M in revenue. Now that Cvent is public, Larry says his five-person legal team is working closely with the finance team on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Before joining Cvent, Larry was VP and Deputy GC with NeuStar and Assistant GC at DynCorp.

What you didn't know about Larry:

  • He grew up in Southern California, outside of LA.
  • Larry's 9-year-old daughter has become an avid horseback rider, making him an avid horseback-riding fan.
  • A political science major, his first job was working for a DC tech company called Legislate back in 1991.
  • Larry traveled on all seven continents before age 35. Some of his favorite trips included climbing Kilimanjaro and going on safaris in Kenya, Botswana and Zimbabwe.
  • For his wife's 30th birthday, they spent two weeks on a scientific expedition to Antarctica.