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Allison Prince, Goulston & Storrs


Allison focuses on zoning and land development for a mix of residential, corporate and institutional clients, with an emphasis on educational and nonprofit organizations. She's working with the Kennedy Center right now on its expansion, and has done all of the zoning work for Catholic, where she went to law school (after Bucknell undergrad). She worked on the new 1111 North Capitol NPR HQ, as well as the current redevelopment of the site NPR left, 601 Mass Ave. Further back, she worked on the approvals to get the Verizon Center built, and the Warner Theater and adjacent office building. After two years in general practice law, she realized the appeal of a field where you can see what you're working on, and started on real estate law (though her very first job was selling blue jeans in an Army Navy store). She's married with two children in college (above is her daughter, an interior design major; her son wants to be a writer). Best lesson: Specialize. It's a good thing if not many people do what you do.